Hong Kong Activist Speaks in Britain

Hong Kong activist speaks in Britain

28-07-2019 \\ International 

Paul Gerrard

Amidst the turmoil in Hong Kong - with hundreds of thousands, even millions, on the streets every day - CWI Hong Kong managed to spare Jaco, a leading member, to come to Britain and Ireland for a week to tell the truth about what is happening there.

Jaco spoke alongside other international speakers at an electric CWI rally held in London on Sunday 21 July (see report). In following days, at a Midlands meeting held in Leicester, and a Northern one in Manchester, Jaco gave a first-hand account of the monster demonstrations against the proposed extradition law in Hong Kong, and the dynamic intervention of the comrades in Socialist Action (socialism.hk) who have handed out thousands of leaflets and sold hundreds of papers.   Jaco gave clear answers to questions from the floor, such as whether a military intervention by China is likely.

The meetings attracted over 30 people each, including former Hong Kong residents now living in the UK whom we did not know previously and who wish to remain in touch with a view to taking part in solidarity action here. The Northern meeting was held on one of the hottest days of the year and rail disruption meant that Jaco was unable to reach Manchester, but we were able to arrange a video link that was very effective. The collections at the two meetings raised over £500 towards Jaco’s air and rail fares.

The CWI section in Hong Kong is doing fantastic work and this was a great opportunity to hear about it and to express solidarity with them.